Gu Ma Jia – an eatery with a touch of home

Tucked away in 45 Tai Thong Cres, Sennett Estate, Singapore 347866 lies 姑妈家 , Gu Ma Jia is an eatery where photos upon photos of mediacorp celebs with founder and chef, “Gu Ma” adorns the wall.

The founder, affectionately known as Gu Ma, has for more than 3 decades of cooking experience selling her signature chicken rice and wanton noodles, prior to the establishment of Gu Ma Jia.  Gu Ma loves to share her delicious home-cooked food from Gu Ma’s private kitchen, mostly secret recipes which are served to  customers to foster strong bonding among friends, families and colleagues Gu Ma Jia’s ingredients and seafood used for cooking are handpicked by Gu Ma and her team from the wholesale market daily, ensuring that only the best ingredients are picked to guarantee freshness and taste.

I loved the rose wine pork ribs they serve up! flambe styled!


Credits of these 2 photos belong to tripadvisor & hungrygowhere since i didn’t get a good shot lol
Another immaculate and hard to find dish is Assam Fish which 姑妈家 serves up! Tangy, and appetizing, this dish we polished clean really fast.

If you love your greens you’ll appreciate their spin on kailan! Served in a creative way where the leaves are deep fried and shredded , and the juicy stems boiled and lightly fried perhaps. Nice take on this!

For those looking for a less sweet version of yusheng, 姑妈家’s version is quite cool, contains dried mango and all ! not bad not bad!

And lastly this cold dish which is typically starters! Was nice and basically it got the whole table really excited as it is served with dry ice for panache! Lots of dry ice emanating vapour for that perfect insta moment, just the way we asians like it hahahaha

Thank you for hosting us to try your CNY menu 姑妈家 and team.