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Seafood Lovers, where are you?

Check this out! Located in the middle of Ang Mo Kio Industrial park lies a newly start-up stall serving excellent seafood broth that will simply blow your mind from the first mouth. How many stalls out there would invest in high-end seafood ingredients such as lobsters and crabs for such affordable & low prices? Steam & Grill will introduce you to their high-end quality, yet super affordable lunch and dinner menu.

One of our choices from lunch menu…LOBSTER SEAFOOD SOUP ($18)!!!

Look at this soup-er-licious bowl of seafood soup! Tangy smell of their Boston Lobster combined with the earthy scent of seafood base, with other fresh ingredients such as dory fishes & white clams, all with an underlying tone of creaminess. The smell drums up thoughts of crashing waves and winter nights. If your wallet doesn’t allow for that day, simply order their normal seafood soup for just $5.50! You still able to enjoy the same excellent boiled broth at an affordable price!

Damn worth it for the quality of their broth!



A wise dinner selection would be their seafood hotpot! From just $44, you can enjoy their high quality, enticing seafood broth in steamboat style! They have wide selection of side add-ons to choose from too, such as corns, mushrooms, vegetables, luncheon meat, to shabu shabu and other ingredients! Let’s take a look at what we’ve selected.

WOW! The simmering pot of soup let out a delightful aroma of different seafood ingredients infused in this rich taste of authentic mixed seafood. The seafood scent wafting through your nose leaving a tingling yet satisfying sensation. We can’t wait to finish up the whole pot! It filled the surroundings joined by fresh ingredients such as Boston Lobster, Flower Crabs, Crayfishes, Scallops, Squids, Muscles, White Clams, Prawns, Pomfret & Dory Fish!!! Crazy wide range of ingredients! Yes, for just amazingly $64!!! Their broths are sooo damn good! This pot is good for sharing for 3-4 pax. 

This seafood broth is definitely worth the try! I have not tasted anything like this from other seafood stalls in the neighborhoods! Thumbs up!


7030 Ang Mo Kio Ave 5

#01-30, North Star, Singapore



Lunch: 11.30am – 3.00pm
Dinner: 6.00pm – 10.30pm

Signing off~

Joey Chin (DWI Foodie)