Ex 5-Star Hotel Chef opens Ipoh Beansprout Chicken in Geylang Coffeeshop

It has become quite an apparent trend that many restaurant chefs—some even hailing from prestigious hotels—have decided to hang up their aprons to pursue their own businesses, operating in hawker stalls instead.

With over 30 years of experience working in a professional kitchen, Chef Wang decided to start his own chicken rice business in Geylang.

Not just any other chicken rice, but Ipoh’s Bean Sprout Chicken (芽菜鸡)–a famed dish from the state of Ipoh in Malaysia.

The chicken is cooked using the same technique as Hainan Chicken. It is poached in a water bath then quickly dunk into cold water to stop the cooking process to retain its juicy smoothness texture.

Another characteristic of this dish is the rice noodle (Ipoh Horfun). Its slightly translucent look and superb slippery smooth texture swimming in a sweet chicken broth. Selling for only $1 a bowl!

Boneless crystal chicken feet is another must-try!

Lao Wang Kampong Bean Sprout Chicken Rice
Address: 130 Sims Ave, Lor 17 Geylang, S’pore 387453

Opening Hrs: 11am – 9pm