Chicken Up – Conquering their Giant Bingsu Sundae

Chicken Up has won the taste buds of many Korean fast-food lovers with their crispy, savoury fried chicken and assortment of other delectable dishes.

Previously, I was tasked to sample their lovely wings which were absolutely delicious, by the way. But today, I had a different mission: To conquer their Giant Bingsu Sundae! ($53.40)

Prior to my quest, I did a quick online search and I found myself intimidated by the behemoth dessert. Apparently, it’s so huge that there is a limited number available daily, so bookings have to be made in advance via Whatsapp. It’s so enigmatic and exclusive, you cannot purchase it on its own– it has to be paired with something off their normal menu. 

Legend says that this sugary leviathan feeds up to 5-8 people, but I wasn’t taking the chance. Judging from its hulking appearance online, I surmised that I would likely need more hungry, sweet-toothed warriors on my side for a fair fight. After readying ourselves for the battle to come, 10 of us marched down to Chicken up on Saturday to tackle our yummy adversary!

Sadly we had no choice but to be split up due to COVID restrictions, but I’m personally grateful that food outlets are open again. Prior to embarking on dessert, we ordered a medley of savoury delights as a precursor to warfare. Of course, we just had to get their famous chicken wings (Soya flavour, $12.80 per 4 pieces), Ugly Stew ($26.75), Cheese Seafood Pancake ($17.10), Spam Rice Balls ($8.50 per 6 pieces), Lotus Root Fries ($8.50) and Truffle Fries ($8.50 per basket).

I was enamoured with the Cheese Seafood Pancake. Set atop a generous river of melted cheddar cheese and drizzled over with copious amounts of orangey nacho goodness, this was difficult not to love especially if you’re a dairy fanatic. The Spam Rice Balls left an impression as well– I have always loved rice dishes that are well infused with other ingredients. My friend remarked that he could taste a hint of prawn as he chowed down, which was a pleasant addition. 

It was finally time for the final chapter of our gastronomical adventure. All of our eyes widened as it was hoisted onto the table, ready to be devoured. This colossal confectionery consisted of pocky sticks, bingsu, waffles, chocolate, marshmallows and an array of fruits, laden on an enormous serving of ice cream set atop a jelly base.

Will the 5 of us successfully manage to ravish the Giant Bingsu Sundae? Well, there was only one way to find out.

We lost the fight, but I believe we put up a good one.

What was left of our once colourful adversary was reduced to a mass of pink jelly bits ensconced among a liquify quagmire of melted ice cream flavours. 

Address: 277C Compassvale Link, #01-13 (Unit 2A, S543277 (Above Buangkok MRT Station)

Sun-Thurs: 11am-11pm (Last order 10.30pm)
Fri & Sat: 11am-2am (Last order 1.30am)

Article written by: Claire Soh