Butternut sells probably the thinnest crust pizza in the world


Ever tried a pizza that has a crust as thin as 3 pieces of A3 Size paper? Here we are today at Taman Jurong Food Centre, Butternut, where they serve probably the world thinnest pizza crust EVER. 

It’s located on the 2nd Storey of Taman Jurong Food Centre, quite well hidden at the corner of the level. Do check out the signs on locating the stall because it’s really really secluded. 


We were spoilt for choice as there were quite an extensive variety of pizzas for us to choose from. The first up would be the Truffle Mushroom Pizza, its considered one of their best-seller. After having a bite, I understood why. It really tops the chart on their menu. The aroma of the truffle caught my attention immediately after it was placed on the table. It comes with generous serving of mushroom and the torching brings a hint of bbq flavours to it. 10/10.

Next up, their butternut chicken pizza. Normally when you eat pizza, you might feel a little guilty. But not with this pizza. The butternut helps to tone down the flavours and it feels like you’re having a healthy version of a pizza. Definitely a hot item amongst those that are more health-conscious.

 To end off, we tried their smoked duck pizza and the hawaiian classic. Personally I enjoyed the smoked duck pizza because it’s literally full of flavours. For those that likes overwhelming strong flavours, this is for you. The smoked duck is smoked perfectly and it comes with a salty edge while I supposed, the ‘teriyaki’ sauce gives it a sweet ending. 

The hawaiian classic is what you would expect to taste at a restaurant. It’s standard is definitely on par or even better than some other higher-end restaurant. They used canned pineapples due to shelf life issues but if they were to have a consistent demand for this pizza, the owner is considering to change it to fresh pineapples!

To end off, do check out their other items as well such as their butternut salad and portobello mushrooms which are actually seasonal. It’s something that you pay hawker price for but getting restaurant standards.

Check out this couple when you drop by, they are very nice and they give you a service that feels like home. P.S.: They are Halal certified as well!

Address: 3 Yung Sheng Road, Taman Jurong Food Centre, #02-108

Opens Daily: 11am-2pm, 6pm-9pm (Closed on Mon & Tues)