Sembawang’s Hidden New Year Mini Market with $10 Marbled Wagyu Beef & More!

Farmer’s Market Warehouse Sales is happening from 28th-31st Jan 2021

Thurs: 11am-6pm

Fri & Sat: 11am-10pm

Sun: 11am-8pm

Address: 59b Jalan Malu Malu (Sembawang)

This crazy warehouse sale will be happening for 4 days only! Time to go stock up some food!

The highlight of this market sale will definitely be their Australian Wagyu! Beautifully marbled steaks and shabu shabu at only $10 each! (Just buy 3 or more) Or else it will be $13 each:

Look at the amount of marbling on this beauty (MB4+ Striploin)

Marbled Ribeye MB4+

How bout some shabu shabu?

The farmer market also sells some of your favourite frozen snacks such as farmland nuggets. Selected items are even cheaper than your neighbourhood supermarkets. Mind you, these items are NOT EXPIRING anytime soon too!

To top that, they are also collaborating with home baker (M Family) to sell some really good CNY cookies!