Online start up in S’pore sells alcohol that rivals DFS

We all know that you save the most when you purchase  spirits from DFS.

However, in Singapore, each passport is limited to certain amount of purchases only. So where do you get cheap alcohol in Singapore aside from DFS?

This online start up, PintsnBottles, delivers your booze right to your doorstep the next day at only $1.48 delivery fee (no min spending). The best part? They have a few shockingly cheap $99 deals!

2 bottles of Chivas Regal 12 years 700ml for $99??? Even DFS is retailing at $51 for 1L per bottle.

The prices for PintsnBottles are extra competitive!

Let’s compare the numbers of a few products against DFS and Fairprice:

Singleton 15 years.

DFS 1L – $115.00

PintsnBottles 700ml-  $102.00

Fair Price 700ml – $135.00

Johnnie Walker Black Label.

DFS 1L – $47.90

PintsnBottles 700ml – $59.90

Fair Price – $67.00

The Chita Suntory whisky.

DFS 700ml – $82.00

PintsnBottles 700ml – $89.00

We spoke with the boss from PintsnBottles and found out that he was concentrating on a B2B alcohol business as a liquor supplier for many years and he wanted to do something more B2C in order to connect with his customers. Now we know why he can sell the bottles so cheap!

PintsnBottles not only offers a massive array of bottles, but are also experts in events customisation in both set-ups and choice of alcohol. PintsnBottles is not just looking at creating another alcohol delivery e-commerce platform. Instead, they want to go beyond cheap pricing and short delivery timing. They aspire to have more products and execute more ideas to engage customers and heighten their moods through alcohol in a fun and interactive way. For example, they would add in shot glasses in their jagermeister bundle deal so that you can have your own Jager bomb shots at the comfort of your home with your friends.

They have a few good deals that you can definitely enjoy this Christmas over your party. Here’s where you can find PintsnBottles:


Instagram: @pintsnbottles