Châteraisé’s New Seasonal cakes from Yamanashi Prefecture.

From the land best know for their whisky distilleries , Châteraisé’ brings you their delightful Yamanashi White Peach Cake & Yamanashi Shine Muscat and Pione Zuccott  at affordable prices this July & Aug.

Did you know milk used in Châteraisé’  comes from grass-fed cattle that lives at a ranch in the Yatsugatake foothills? And the eggs used are free from additives (I’m guessing organic!).

Buoyed by its network of over 100 contracted farms, the founder and the company is committed to delivering to the public affordable and high quality confectionery. They must be doing something amazing in the supply chain to be able to bring down prices like that. We’ll have to admit the price points are really good, and so is the taste! Almost unparalleled in our Singapore market. Natural spring water from hakushu is also used in all the stuff it makes, is that why it tastes so refreshing?

We got down to tasting the white peach cake as well as the Shine Muscat & Pione Zuccott cake!

For peaches in Yamanashi- harvesting season takes place from June to September, peaking in the month of July. At the beginning of the planting process, only peaches with a healthy appearance and firm texture are allowed to continue growing; each peach then blossoms into a full-sized and tasty offering. To procure these white peaches, Châteraisé partners with Furuya Farm, which is located in Fuefuki, Yamanashi.

Here’s an insight: The peaches are harvested in the early mornings to ensure their freshness. Juicy, sweet and refreshing, the white peaches boast a gorgeous crimson exterior as well as white and succulent flesh.

Next is the Shine Muscat, characterised by its thin and soft green skin. It can be eaten without the
need for peeling. The fruit is crunchy, juicy with a refined sweetness and noble aroma. Outsizing
Kyoho grapes in comparison, most of the Pione fruits are cultivated without seeds. Their pericarps
are of a dark purple-black colour while their pale-green pulps offer a rich and satisfying taste.

We heard its cheaper to eat the cakes (den going to the japanese supermarkets to get the same amount of grapes!)

There will be a total of 22 different cakes launched in July and August using these seasonal fruits.
The white peach cake is $5.80 a slice! [given how pricy peaches get! totally worth it], they’ll be made available in tarts and even parfaits and whole cakes available 17 July to 18 Aug! A Yamanashi shine muscat cake will also retail at $5.80 and its whole range will be available 21aug to 30 sept!

Preorder your peach cakes 1 day before the launch [commencing 16july 6pm on]

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